A few things to have in mind


I read a few articles saying that printers under $1000 is a “bleeding technology” referring to this group as a “not refined” technology which causes more expenses than benefits.

Well, after reading this, I asked myself if I really wanted to start to play with this specially if a PS4 can easily entertain me with no effort.

My answer… I wasn’t good with the idea to invest more money since I wanted to learn how to drive before to buy a Porsche and yes, maybe this technology is not refined yet, but something undeniable is the fact that this technology is replacing more and more the traditional ways, so it is being refined and don’t be surprised if in few years, to print a 3d model will be as easy as print a word document.

Considering that my printer has to be under $500, this is my checklist before to place my purchase order:

– Good reviews √

-Strong community online √

-Support technique available in my town √

I decided to give the TEVO Tarantula I3 the honor to be my first fellow in this trip.

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